We offer a wide range of training here at Iron Horse. We will deal with horses exhibiting behavior problems like bucking, bolting, biting, rearing, poor stall manners or manners in general. We will help with issues under tack as well as issues with the ground work. We can start young horses or re-start horses that have been out of work for an extended period of time. We rehabilitate former track horses and can start horses in harness for cart or pulling. The work can be done here at our facility or we can arrange to come to you and your horse.
This style of training builds good relationships between horses and humans so that the work benefits both of you.  We seldom take horses in to be trained absent of the owner.  It is very important that the owner be intimately involved in the training process so that the work done here can be seamlessly continued when you go home together.


Here at Iron Horse Equestrian Centre we specialize in a classical style of English riding. We teach hunter and jumper both with their basis in classical dressage. This simply means that our goal is to create a light and athletic horse that has the ability to perform at a high level with no resistance to the rider or task. We can also train horses for endurance, eventing, competitive trail, traditional fox hunting, pleasure trail and combined driving. An emphasis is put on the mental growth of horse and rider as well as the physical skills needed to attain the goals set before us. The emotional and physical health of the horse is always the priority here at Iron Horse.
A pure love for the horse and a desire for the partnership that can be created between horse and rider need to be the starting point for any rider. A fundamental knowledge of horse psychology, physiology and bio-mechanics are essential for a rider to ride the horse… and not the task. Simply said, the horse’s physical and emotional well being must be more important that the task at hand.


IMG_1780The overlying philosophy here at Iron Horse is that everything we do with the horse is done with a high level of horsemanship. I define horsemanship as a fundamental knowledge of the horse physiology, psychology and bio-mechanics coupled with a true love for the horse in general. I hope we would never ask something of a horse that we ourselves would not take on. When we become too task oriented the work becomes, what we do instead of how we do it or as I often say to my students,  I don’t care where you go I care how you go. If horsemanship was a priority across the horse industry there would be far fewer injured horses and riders. Good horsemanship will always be the foundation for everything we do at Iron Horse.