Just changed this section from “Horses For Sale” to “Testimonials”… as it appears I don’t sell my horses … I collect.

The following are some testimonials from current and former clients of mine.


Nicole and Mack

Mack 3I was 43 when I returned to horses, after over 20 years. I eventually adopted a horse with a difficult

past who was now ruled by anxiety. He was a horse everyone had given up on. I had seen glimpses of

his noble personality and was determined to bring back the horse I knew was buried under so much

fear. I had no experience training horses and knew little about them. I did realize, though, that I was

going to need someone special to work with Mack. After researching the various methods of training, I

selected the approach that always placed the horse first (Chris Irwin). Now, we needed someone who

possessed integrity and who would be true to that approach even in the most difficult times; when

patience, empathy and firmness, for both of us, were needed the most. Tom launched Mack and I on a

journey of self-discovery in which Tom’s role far surpassed that of trainer. He leads by example and has

never once abandoned his conviction to put the needs of the horse first. He has always known when

and just how far to push to take us to the next step and his skill and attention to detail are second to

none. Mack has worked through his many issues and is now a well adjusted and social horse with no

fear of people. He was transformed from a “grooming only” horse to a horse who enjoys working and

being ridden. Nobody else could have accomplished this with Mack and we continue to move forward in

this journey.



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