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Cheveyo’s Story

It has been a very long time since I’ve blogged about anything, so it’s about time I started again. Quite a few year ago I started working with a mother/daughter team and their buckskin they had just purchased. His name is Cheveyo which means “spirit warrior”. He was proving to be less than the perfect …

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Chestnuts … Bad or Misunderstood?

In my herd I have three chestnuts Thoroughbreds … one gelding and two mares.  Two of the horses came from rescue situations and one from a family that purchased a mare to ride but was likely tranquilized during the trial rides and upon delivery.  Once the tranquilizer wore off she was a miserable, bucking mess. …

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To Shank or Not To Shank

I have been around the horse industry for quite a long time now … and I have watched horses being shanked in almost every environment from schooling barns to shows to private facilities. I think it is safe to say that all of us want our horses to be relaxed and easy going in their …

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Mack … to be groomed only.

If you have ever been around a horse rescue or around horses rescued from bad situations you know the damage that can be done to a horse … both physically and mentally. I have the privilege of working with such horses and with the owners that love and care for them.  Many of these horses …

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Big Scary Trailer!

Big Scary Trailer  (dealing with demons) Last weekend I was asked to come to a horse rescue and pick up a horse for one of my clients.  I was up the weekend before to have a look at him and give my opinion on the suitability for Tara (my client) to have and to train …

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Training … A lesson in humility

I am finally getting the blog off the ground.  I will be sharing my experiences as I work with and interact with horses … and people … as a horse trainer.  I am pleased to start with this little story of my relationship with a mare named Morgan. Morgan and I met December 8th, 2011.  I …

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