Welcome to Iron Horse Equestrian Centre

Farm HouseIron Horse Equestrian Centre is a facility dedicated to the training of horses of all disciplines. We specialize in connecting horses and their owners on a relational level most only dream of. With the use of a non-resistance training approach developed by Canadian Horseman Chris Irwin we are able to deal with any issues that can arise. Tom is a certified trainer endorsed by Chris Irwin to teach and train with this methodology. We enjoy starting young horses and restarting or re-training horses that have been labeled problem horses.

We teach a classical style of English riding based on dressage fundamentals and horsemanship skills including leading, lunging, long lining and groundwork.The Farm

Through clinics and private instruction we are involved in educating horse enthusiasts in the value of “Training before schooling”. Whether the goal is hunter, jumper, dressage, western pleasure, reining or the trails all horses need to be happy, supple and relaxed in their work. We help them find balance and a calm, confident work ethic. Respect and trust are the foundations for all training at Iron Horse Equestrian Centre.


Cheveyo’s Story

It has been a very long time since I’ve blogged about anything, so it’s about time I started again. Quite a few year ago I started working with a mother/daughter team and their buckskin they had just purchased. His name is Cheveyo which means “spirit warrior”. He was proving to be less than the perfect …

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Chestnuts … Bad or Misunderstood?

In my herd I have three chestnuts Thoroughbreds … one gelding and two mares.  Two of the horses came from rescue situations and one from a family that purchased a mare to ride but was likely tranquilized during the trial rides and upon delivery.  Once the tranquilizer wore off she was a miserable, bucking mess. …

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To Shank or Not To Shank

I have been around the horse industry for quite a long time now … and I have watched horses being shanked in almost every environment from schooling barns to shows to private facilities. I think it is safe to say that all of us want our horses to be relaxed and easy going in their …

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Mack … to be groomed only.

If you have ever been around a horse rescue or around horses rescued from bad situations you know the damage that can be done to a horse … both physically and mentally. I have the privilege of working with such horses and with the owners that love and care for them.  Many of these horses …

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